Indie games with fresh and nostalgic flavors, since 2018.

300g curry rice is an international independent game circle which produces digital games with anime influences. Its games, both derivative-work and original, are crafted with fond memories of growing up with a game controller in hand.

It is managed by the producer and programmer canon (invelica), and many people have helped in bringing its projects to life:

For news and updates on upcoming games, or if you have any inquiries, please follow the circle on Twitter at @300g_curry_rice.

ハッカバブル [Hacka Bubble]

Hackadoll · Puzzle/Action · 2023/10

It's physics! It's 2048! It's physics 2048! It's a familiar game for fans of October 2023 viral fruit-flavored puzzlers.

Drop bubbles into a jar - when identical ones collide, they'll increase their size and your score! Can you collect all the Hackadolls?

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Play for free on your computer or mobile device (HTML5).

[ 300g curry lab : 8th project ]

only one hacka

Hackadoll · Action/Hidden Object · 2022/07

The Hackadolls are multiplying! But it seems one of them has been left out... Can you find the unique Hackadoll that stands out in the crowd?

In this hidden-object-type minigame, race against time in one of 4 modes to find the single Hackadoll among a moving, waving, switching, hiding, or simply massive crowd!

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Play for free on your computer or mobile device (HTML5).

[ 300g curry lab : 7th project ]

The Goblin and the Infinite Cave

Original · Action · 2021/11

You awaken as a goblin in a mysterious cave, neither knowing your past nor your present circumstances. Using your sword, your pickax, and as many upgrades as you can purchase along the way, dive deep into the depths of the constantly-changing cave. When you run out of time or health, reawaken on the first floor, and try again!

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Play for free on your computer (HTML5 / Win / Mac).

[ 300g curry lab : 6th project ]


Original · Action · 2021/08

Complete as many mahjong hands as you can in 3 minutes by "fishing", if fishing was slingshotting a hook into a rushing river.

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Play for free on your computers or phone (HTML5).

[ 300g curry lab : 5th project ]

ほしかつ! [Primal Pals Party]

Granblue Fantasy · Analog/Board · Coming soon

A fast-paced, bidding-and-bluffing card game about convincing your fellow Primal Pals that you are the one who knows the most about humans! Study your opponents to know which ones hold powers that will help you score big, and just how far to push your rivals without getting caught in your own scheme!

Game website and more information to come in the future.

Marisa Breaks the Bank

Touhou · Action · 2021/02

Jump and blast your way around a bank vault in a 5-minute high score challenge! Loot cash, get powerups, loot cash faster, and hang out with Reimu and Yukari.

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Play for free on your computer (HTML5).

[ 300g curry lab : 4th project ]
72-hour submission for Touhou Jam 6.

あん・れん・あすのグレイトエスケイプ [An, Ren, and Asu's Great Escape]

Battle Girl High School · Puzzle · Coming soon

Place arrows on the floor to help navigate Anko, Renge, and Asuha away from danger and to their favorite items! Over 20 puzzles to solve!

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Coming soon.

ボンバーパネルパニック [Bomber Panel Panic]

Bombergirl · Puzzle · 2020/12

Swap adjacent panels to match up sets of 3 as fast as possible, and clear the board with a huge combo! Play against the clock, against a computer opponent, or against a local friend!

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Download for free from BOOTH. (Windows)

Hacking is Probably Not Like This

Original · Simulation/Puzzle · 2020/04

You've been falsely accused of committing multiple technocrimes, and the only way to clear your name is to hack until it's clean! Upgrade your rig, then infiltrate the servers of big companies by completing a variety of classic puzzle games.

View screenshots. Read the announcement post on the Ludum Dare site.

Play for free on your computer (HTML5, 15MB).

[ 300g curry lab : 2nd project ]
48-hour Compo submission for Ludum Dare 46.


Original · Incremental/Casino · 2020/04

A normal simulation of a normal video poker machine, which definitely cannot be hacked. Definitely does not contain a poker-playing AI waiting to have its full potential unlocked.

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Play for free on your computer or phone (HTML5, 20MB).
Prototype Javascript version available here.

[ 300g curry lab : 1st project ]

3号がななみんライブチケットのためにバニースーツを着てでもブラックジャックディーラーのバイトをする話 [Blackjack Dealer #3]

Hackadoll · Casino/Action · 2019/12

Hackadoll #3 is ready to make cash fast by working as a real-time blackjack dealer in this original casino and action hybrid! Deal good cards to your friends, bad cards to your foes, and make enough money to buy tickets to Nanamin's legendary live... and a bunny suit too!

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For sale at events only.

バトルガールイラストロジック [Battle Girl Pixel Painting]

Battle Girl High School · Puzzle · 2019/09

A nonogram pack with over 100 puzzles! Relax and uncover a variety of Battle Girl High School themed pixel art, as well as a special illustration that consists of multiple puzzles!

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For sale at events only.

ハッカ繫華街 [HackaHighrise]

Hackadoll · Board/Investment · 2019/08

Hackadolls and Virtual Youtubers face off in another board game! This time, they're purchasing property, investing in stock, and striking it rich! Now with a double-sized soundtrack with 17 remixes and original songs!

View screenshots. View the OST trailer on Youtube.

For sale at events only.

ハッカ放送 [HackaTactics]

Hackadoll · Board/RPG · 2018/12

A party RPG where up to 4 players race to fulfill a short quest, with persistent character growth between games. Can the Hackadolls stop Virtual Youtubers from unwinding reality?

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For sale at events only.

プラチナ・レーサーズ [Platinum Racers]

Granblue Fantasy · Card/Turn-based · 2018/08

In this turn-based airship race, play your cards right to attack your opponents, maintain your speed, and cross the finish first!

View screenshots. View the trailer on Twitter.

For sale at events only.

デジタルセンバツ試験 [Digital Senbatsu Test]

Battle Girl High School · Minigame · 2018/04

Aim for high grades in groups of nostalgic minigames!

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For sale at events only.